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[* black] The solid-state drive may not spin like other hard-disk drives, but the one in the 13-inch MBP sure does like to [guide|11225|hop around|stepid=40193]!
[* black] This Pro comes with a base 128 GB of flash storage, with the larger models sporting 256 or 512 GB.
[* icon_note] Apple notes that the 512 GB model is configurable up to 1 TB of storage, just in case your kitten archives won't fit on the dinky 512 GB SSD.
[* black] Notable bits and pieces:
[* red] Marvell Semiconductor 88SS9183 SSD Controller
- [* orange] SK Hynix [|H5TQ2G63DFR|new_window=true] DDR3 SDRAM
+ [* orange] SK Hynix [|H5TQ2G63DFR|new_window=true] DDR3-1600