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[* black] We quickly extract the home button and Touch ID, Apple's new fingerprint scanner. Time to dust for prints!
[* black] A [|CMOS] chip, the Touch ID is essentially a bunch of very small capacitors that creates an "image" of the ridges on your finger.
[* black] The sensor technology, developed by [|AuthenTec] and [|bought by Apple a year ago], [|reportedly] stores your fingerprints locally, so giving your iPhone the finger will not make it all the way back to Cupertino.
[* black] We worry about how well the sapphire crystal covering the sensor can protect it from [|degrading over time] like most CMOS fingerprint sensors. If not, it could become a ticking time bomb, just like that super-glued battery.
[* black] What is the NXP 64168 chip?