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[* black] With our [product|IF145-239|favorite screwdriver set], we remove a few metal connector covers and embark on the epic battle of battery removal.
[* black] The missing battery pull-tab, though seemingly innocuous, indicates a bigger problem for battery repair: glue.
[* black] Perhaps the "s" in 5s stands for "stuck," as in "this battery is stuck in with a lot of glue," or "I hope you didn't want to replace your battery—you're going to be stuck with this one."
[* black] While we'd love a tool-less battery removal as we've seen in [guide|13947|other|stepid=46404] [guide|13445|phones|stepid=45519], we settle for thermal battery removal via an [product|IF145-198|iOpener].
[* black] ''Holy adhesive!'' It appears Apple ditched the minimal adhesive in the iPhone 5 in favor of those two huge white runways of adhesive holding the 5s(tuck) battery in place.
[* black] '''Update:''' Lots of folks notified us of the peel-able nature of the adhesive strips. We've acquired more iPhones for the repair guides, and we'll adjust the repair score (if needed) once we investigate the issue!
[* red] BEWARE!!! The Wifi antenna is located at the top edge of the battery (just like the 5) and is so long that it may be seated or travel underneath the battery. Because of this, when prying out the battery, I caught the wire and snapped it.