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[* black] With our [product|IF145-239|favorite screwdriver set], we remove a few metal connector covers and embark on the epic battle of battery removal.
[* black] The missing battery pull-tab, though seemingly innocuous, indicates a bigger problem for battery repair: glue.
[* black] Perhaps the "s" in 5s stands for "stuck," as in "this battery is stuck in with a lot of glue," or "I hope you didn't want to replace your battery—you're going to be stuck with this one."
[* black] While we'd love a tool-less battery removal as we've seen in [guide|13947|other|stepid=46404] [guide|13445|phones|stepid=45519], we settle for thermal battery removal via an [product|IF145-198|iOpener].
[* black] ''Holy adhesive!'' It appears Apple ditched the minimal adhesive in the iPhone 5 in favor of those two huge white runways of adhesive holding the 5s(tuck) battery in place.
[* black] '''Update:''' Lots of folks notified us of the peel-able nature of the adhesive strips. We've acquired more iPhones for the repair guides, and we'll adjust the repair score (if needed) once we investigate the issue!