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[title] Identify the power supply
[* icon_caution] '''If any of the capacitors have bulged, they may still have a charge. Handle the power supply with extreme caution!'''
[* black] As you keep that plate lifted up, maneuver the shield covering the power suppy and control boards up. After you have this removed, identify the power supply.
[* black] After you remove the shield identify all of the capacitors and replace them all. You can go up as much as you want to the points that the new caps will not fit the existing points. '''Make sure you get the right ones or double the uF ratings. If you use a smaller capacitor it will bulge and explode.'''
[* icon_note] You will probably have to double up the uF rating on the new capacitors, seeing as the Acer rated ones are very hard to find. '''If you decide to double them you can not go under on uF or voltage, or the capacitor will explode.'''
[* icon_note] Acer used the following capacitors at the time: 2x 25V 1000uF capacitors, 1x 10V 1000uF capacitor, 2x 25V 220uF capacitors if you intend to match the factory specified capacitor ratings. If you double them, make sure you exceed the original uF and voltages and not go under or they will fail when the monitor is turned on.
[* icon_note] Regarding the filter capacitor: You can replace the filter capacitor on the AC in side if you want. However, this capacitor does not require replacement in most cases. This capacitor will set you back the most should you replace it.