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+[title] Methods of Removing The Actual Touchbar
+[* black] There are 2 methods that we can take towards removing this annoying touchbar. We went ahead and performed what we thing is the harder method.
+ [* black] ''Method 1:'' Take 2 tweezers or handles and wrap very thin wire around them. Then pull the wire underneath the touchbar LCD gently while being careful not to damage the keyboard
+ [* icon_note] This method keeps the frame underneath the touchbar from scratching a whole bunch, eliminates the possibility of the keyboard keys ''"melting"'' from the Adhesive Remover, and allows you to possibly reuse the touchbar.
+ [* black] ''Method 2:'' What we did. Remove the touchbar digitizer first by prying it up and off the touchbar LCD. Then use a combination Adhesive Remover and an exacto knife to remove the touchbar LCD.
+ [* icon_note] This method takes longer and more patience. However, we didn't have wire at our disposal and we weren't needing to reuse the touchbar