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+[* black] ***Release the connectors from the logic board.***
+[* black] With one hand holding the sides of the device in place, use your free hand, get the tweezers and peel the yellow tape (the middle blue highlighted box as shown in the picture) upwards in the direction that the arrow is pointing.
+[* black] Next use the plastic opening tool (or you could use your fingers) to peel the two connectors on the sides away from the logic board. For the connector on the left you will pick it up towards the direction of the arrow (as shown). For the connector on the right you will pick it up in the direction of the arrow (as shown)
+[* black] ****Note* *** ''Be cautious: When pulling off the tape make sure that you use the tweezers to pull it up gently it has a connector attached to it and the tape will be reused when reassembling the device.''

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