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[* black] As we open up the box, we find a Nest thermostat, an installation guide, a welcome guide, a concierge card, a screwdriver, screws, and trim kit.
-[* black] Even though the pieces of the Nest come already separated, here's what it might look like if we were pulling them apart.
+[* black] The Nest is made up of two primary components—a wall-mounted base that connects to the signal lines from your HVAC system(s), and the snap-on display unit that houses the LCD and controls.
[* black] Nest advertises ease of installation for its thermostat. According to Nest, "three out of four customers install Nest in 30 minutes or less."
[* icon_note] If you happen to be the one out of four experiencing difficulties during the install, don't despair. Simply purchase [link||Nest Concierge Service].

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