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+[* black] After removing the 4 screws that hold the clutch assembly in place, the only thing still holding it in place are two stubby aluminum pegs (just inside the outermost screw holds) and the spring-like stiffness of the clutch assembly. ***There isn't any adhesive.***
+[* black] The objective in this step is to gently and gradually pry the clutch assembly off of those two stubby aluminum pegs. You can use a plastic spudger (as described below), but may find a small straight-bladed screwdriver more convenient, using the adjacent screw holes for leverage .
[* black] To remove the clutch assembly, first insert the flat end of a spudger into the gap between the clutch hinge and the clutch cover where the cables exit.
[* black] While prying the clutch assembly away from the clutch hinge with your spudger, use a plastic opening tool to increase the gap between the clutch cover and the front display bezel.
-[* black] Work your way along the length of the clutch cover to fully separate the adhesive.
+[* black] Once the two stubby aluminum pegs are clear of the clutch assembly, it will easily come off.