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-[* black] The speaker opposite the fan has also been on a serious diet compared with its 2016 predecessor.
+[* black] The speaker opposite the fan also looks emaciated compared with its [guide|72415|2016 predecessor|stepid=144824|new_window=true].
[* black] Apple's audio engineers are basically wizards, but we're skeptical that even wizards could maintain the same sound quality in a speaker this much smaller.
[* black] Only a few Torx screws hold these speakers down—they're not glued in like on so many other models. Replacement almost couldn't be easier.
[* black] This modular Thunderbolt breakout board makes for a nice upgrade—last time, these were soldered to the main board. This new configuration is more akin to the rest of the modern Pro line.
[* black] Logic board, away!