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[* black] Might not want the first shot, just showing the lack of ports vs the 2018 13" touch bar MBP.
-[* black] Standard opening procedure
-[* black] Inside looks very similar to the function keys MBP.
+[* black] By now, the [guide|72415|opening procedure|stepid=144856] is old hat. Removing a handful of pentalobe screws and clips lets us peer into a MacBook Pro that looks very similar to the older function key model.
+[* black] The 58.2 Wh battery is slightly larger than the [guide|72415|54.5 Wh battery|stepid=144793] in the function key model—most likely to make room for the Touch Bar, Touch ID sensor, and T2 chip in order to keep the same 10-hour battery life.