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[* black] [|YouTube video for procedure.]
[* black] Can't believe this pump lasted 39+ years and thousands of washes before failing in April 2019. These pumps run anytime the motor is running too! Either agitating or spinning the inner tub and the pump is running as well.
[* black] This motor has 39+ years of service and is still going strong! Try getting this kind of service out of a modern plastic and garbage electronic controls machine.... Good luck!
[* black] The machine was vibrating a bit more than usual in the last 3 or 4 months. I tightened the three tub centering springs down about three turns each... Problem solved! These suckers are nearly foolproof and practically indestructible.... like the Toyota Hilux truck made famous on "Top Gear".
[* black] If you see someone discarding one of these machines do yourself a favor and ask them if you can have it. All the parts are readily available and working on them is dead simple. Remember the loneliest guy in town comercials ? It was no exageration. You can thank me later.