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[* black] The flat display on the S10e is just ''barely'' less scary to remove than the curved S10 screen. Unfortunately, we doubt either of these displays will live to play another game of Fortnite.
[* black] The S10e has no cool ultrasonic technology glued to the back of its display, but it does have a familiar face:
[* red] Samsung's S6SY761X touch controller IC—the same IC the [guide|104308|S9|stepid=195681|new_window=true] displays sported last year, and the S8 phones before them.
+ [* orange] GigaDevice GD25LH40C 4 Mb Serial Flash Memory
[* black] [|Here's a closer look|new_window=true] at that capacitive touch sensor we mentioned earlier, integrated into the power button.
[* icon_note] This tech is less flashy, but far more reliable than anything [|under the screen|new_window=true] to-date.
[* black] Unfortunately this repair procedure leaves much to be desired, requiring full screen removal to access the button.

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