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[* black] With nowhere left to turn, we boldly take our chances removing these delicate displays.
-[* black] Inside the S10, we spot the new ultrasonic fingerprint-sensing getup.
+ [* red] Qualcomm [link||QBT2000] Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Controller
[* icon_note] This is old tech for bats and dolphins, but a ''smartphone'' using sound to ''read your fingerprint'' is pretty cool, if we're honest. (Courtesy of [|Qualcomm|new_window=true].)
[* black] The tech may be novel, but our praise ends there. We threw just about everything we could at this little guy and it is ''not'' coming out intact.
[* black] If Samsung has any repair tips they'd like to share, we're all ears. For now, assume you're going to pay an arm and a leg for a new screen should the sensor malfunction.
+[* black] Other ICs:
+ [* orange] Samsung S6SY771X Touchscreen Controller
+ [* yellow] Winbond [link||W25Q80EWUXIE] 8 Mb Serial Flash Memory

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