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-[* black] Beautiful battery busting!
+[* black] Battery time! To no one's surprise, these two batteries are heavily adhered to their metal midframes, with no friendly [guide|97481|pull tabs|stepid=178963|new_window=true] in site.
+[* black] Not to worry though, we bust out our trusty [product|IF145-400-4|adhesive remover|new_window=true] and set up a beautiful water feature while we wait for the adhesive to lower its defenses.
+ [* icon_note] We've said it before and we'll say it again: batteries are consumable and ''will'' need to be replaced before the end of just about any modern smartphone's lifespan.
+[* black] These portable power plants (left: S10e, right: S10) are rocking 11.94 and 13.09 Wh batteries, respectively.
+[* black] For comparison's sake, the competing iPhones have 11.16 Wh ([guide|114123|XR|stepid=218772|new_window=true]) and 10.13 Wh ([guide|113021|XS|stepid=216142|new_window=true]) batteries, and last year's [guide|104322|S9|stepid=196237|new_window=true] had 11.55 Wh.