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-[* black] Before we can get a look at what makes these phones tick, we dispose of the curious new thermal pad covering the large shields below the SIM tray.
- [* icon_note] This pad most likely pulls double duty, both enhancing the copper heat pipe's ability to manage the heat coming off the hot chips, and performing some RF shielding.
[* black] Thermal pads aside, let's get to those chips! On the front side of these motherboards (top: S10e, bottom: S10), we spot:
[* red] Maxim MAX77705C (probably a PMIC)
[* orange] S10e: 128 GB [|Toshiba|new_window=true] UFS NAND flash storage
[* orange] S10: 512 GB [|Samsung|new_window=true] eUFS NAND flash storage
[* yellow] Samsung [|K3UH7H70AM] LPDDR4X layered over Qualcomm [|Snapdragon 855|new_window=true] SoC
[* green] Qualcomm [|WCD9341|new_window=true] audio codec

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