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[* black] We pause for a brief moment on our way toward the chips to glance at what lies beneath the motherboard. We make a couple observations:
[* black] There's a massive copper heat pipe running alongside the battery. It doesn't look as long as last year's, but it's much wider.
[* black] This year, the biggest chips get a nice new coat ... of thermal compound. This, combined with the souped-up heat pipe, might mean the S10's silicon is running a bit hotter this year.
[* black] Though Samsung touted a new, state-of-the-art camera system, that yellow plastic surrounding these cameras reminds us more of something from the 80's. Could that be some kind of retro shock absorber?
[* black] Looks like the cameras get another name update this year, to "Beyond" from last year's "[guide|104308|Dream|stepid=195677|new_window=true]".
+[* black] The S10 gets one more camera than the S10e—a telephoto—and sticks it on the same connector as the wide-angle camera.