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-[* black] We very carefully extract the modular headphone jacks—an endangered species that we can't risk harming.
- [* icon_note] It's good to see this high-use part can be removed on its own.
+[* black] Finally, Samsung might be listening to us. Not only is there a headphone jack here, but it's modular!
[* black] Next we turn to the front cameras—these two siblings share a singular front camera looking through a hole-punched display, while the bigger S10+ has a dual front-facing setup featuring an RGB depth sensor.
[* black] Finally, the motherboard lifts out, with the USB-C port permanently attached.
- [* black] One of the few positive repair points that last year's Galaxy phones had in their favor is now gone.
+ [* icon_note] If we thought Samsung was listening to us, they proved us wrong here. What used to be one of the Galaxy phones' few positive repair points—a replaceable USB-C port—is now just a figment of the past.