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-[* black] Opening procedure is still a heated affair
-[* black] With enough heat the back cover eventually gives. All hail the iSclack
-[* black] We're happy to report a total lack of booby traps this year
+[* black] With a new and improved phone comes a new and improved opening procedure...please? No? Well, we can always hope.
+[* black] [guide|104322|Once|stepid=196236|new_window=true] [guide|104308|again|stepid=195665|new_window=true] we heat things up and put our trusty iSclack to work opening these stubborn phones.
+[* black] We pull the backs off our phones, waiting for some kind of trap, but to our relief the panels come right off.
+ [* icon_note] Looks like Samsung accidentally made a repair improvement—by moving the fingerprint sensors, they got rid of any cables going to the back panel that would inhibit opening.