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-[* black] In most aspects the S10e is a slight downgrade from the S10, except for the power button. This one houses a sneaky fingerprint sensor.
+[* black] In most aspects the S10e is a slight downgrade from the S10, despite looking fairly similar on the outside. The most notable difference is the larger power button on the S10e, where the capacitive fingerprint sensor is housed.
[* icon_note] We hope that these relocated fingerprint sensors will make our opening procedure [guide|87086|a little safer|stepid=164353|new_window=true].
[* black] Despite their differences, the S10 and S10e both agree that headphone jacks are still pretty cool.
[* black] And sitting alongside the headphone jack on the bottom edge of the phone we spot a USB-C port, a speaker, and a microphone.
[* black] Moving from the bottom of the phones to the top, we examine Samsung's more circular take on the notch.
[* icon_note] While this is the first hole-punch display to see our teardown table, it's not the first one [|we've seen|new_window=true].
[* black] And if we look really close we can see preinstalled screen protectors!
[* icon_note] Apparently standard screen protectors can interfere with the functionality of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Good on Samsung for recognizing this problem and addressing it straight out of the box.