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[* black] These phones' monolithic facades don't reveal much right off the bat, though we note the curved display edges on the S10 and S10+.
[* black] From the back we spot two different camera lineups: all of the phones sport wide-angle and ultra-wide cameras, but the S10 and S10+ get bonus telephoto cameras.
[* black] While we're stuck looking at phones like it's [|1894|new_window=true], [|Creative Electron|new_window=true] delivers state of the art X-ray photos to help us unmask these phones.
- [* black] A challenger appears! The S10+ looks darkly ominous!
+ [* black] From this angle the 10+ looks very different indeed, and perhaps even a bit ominous...
[* icon_note] What's up inside the S10+? More on that teardown here!