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[* black] With the iPad-like adhesive severed, we bust out the [product|IF145-023|heavy-duty stuff].
[* black] Repair faux pas alert! To save space and eliminate the gap between the glass and the pixels, Apple opted to fuse the front glass and the LCD. This means that if you want to replace one, you'll have to replace both.
[* icon_note] Consolation prize: repairs will no longer involve cleaning dust or fingerprints from the LCD and glass during reassembly.
[* black] The fused display may look awesome, but at what cost, Apple? At. What. Cost!?
[* black] The cost is quickly apparent: cutting open the display destroys the foam adhesive securing it shut. Putting things back together will require peeling off and replacing all of the original adhesive, which will be a major pain for repairers.