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[* black] With the iPad-like adhesive removed, we bust out the [product|IF145-023|heavy-duty stuff].
[* black] Repair faux pas alert! To save space and eliminate the gap between the glass and the pixels, Apple opted to fuse the front glass and the LCD. This means that if you want to replace one, you'll have to replace both.
[* black] The fused display may look awesome, but at what cost, Apple? At. What. Cost!?
[* icon_note] Probably just a lower repairability score.
[* black] We were fairly surprised to see that the new iMac's LCD sports the same model number as last year—LM215WF3 from LG—even though the LCD is 5 mm thinner.
[* black] If it's the same, why is it smaller? We surmise that Apple took all the same pieces of the LCD and crammed them into a smaller housing.