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[* icon_note] Throughout the following procedure, you'll be placing the iOpener on the iPad to soften adhesive at several locations. Ensure the iOpener is hot before placing it on the iPad, and reheat it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds as needed.
[* icon_caution] Be careful not to overheat the iOpener; never microwave it for longer than one minute, and always wait at least two minutes before reheating the iOpener.
[* black] Lay the iOpener flat on the right edge of the iPad, smoothing it out so that there is good contact between the surface of the iPad and the iOpener.
[* black] Let the iOpener sit on the iPad for approximately 90 seconds before continuing on to open the front panel.
+[* icon_caution] As you may find yourself working with broken glass during this procedure, we recommend wearing [product|IF145-125|safety glasses] for protection from flying shards.