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[* black] At least in our Zune, Toshiba is the NAND flash supplier, and it's in two separate packages.
[* black] The long rectangular chip near the center of the board is the [link||Phison Electronics PS8006] NAND controller.
[* black] Above the dock connector is an [link||Atmel 8 killobit AT88SC0808CA] CryptoMemory chip.
[* black] On the left side (with the sine wave logo) is a [link||Wolfson Micro WM8352] audio codec.
[* black] At evidenced by the writing on the dock connector, the Zune is actually manufactured by Foxconn, the same company that produces iPods for Apple.
+[* black] [link||SiPort SP1010 HD Radio reciever]. This chip supports AM, FM, HD Radio, Microsoft MSN Direct Data Services, and a slew of other frequencies (including the Weather Band).
+[* black] The NAND flash is Hynix! H5MS1G22MFP J3M 926A. [link||Recent rumors] have indicated that Apple's recent flash orders have put the hurt on other parties (like Microsoft) who need flash for the holiday season.