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[* black] To fix the issue:
[* black] 1. Use compressed air (gently) to blow into the connector to remove loose debris. Alternatively use a straw and blow directly into the connector.
[* black] 2 . clean the connector with clean water and paper towel cut in tiny strip. Dispense water gently via drop directly into the connector, and remove them again with paper towel strips
[* black] 3. let it dry, by blowing with a hair dryer onto the connector for 5 minutes. Or leave on a radiator for some time.
[* black] If charging is needed urgently, use wireless charging (S9+)
[* black] Be aware that the charge cable connector can be contaminated with salt/ or rust . This means it need to be gently cleaned as described above also. If not then it can transfer to the phone, and cause the issue again. Or cause the issue while connected to the phone.