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[* black] Inside, the XR starts to look more like a fun hybrid between the [guide|97481|8|stepid=178955|new_window=true] and the [guide|113021|X|stepid=216137|new_window=true]. We're back to a rectangular battery, but there's also a rectangular logic board.
- [* black] The question is: How many layers in that logic board?
-[* black] It seems like a layout more like the other X-series phones could squeeze in a little extra battery capacity. This device may have lower power needs, but it's also cheaper to build a smaller, more conventionally-shaped battery.
- [* icon_note] That said, more is better—right? Maybe the lower-than-it-could-be battery spec helps differentiate the XR from the XS series a bit more.
+ [* black] The question is: How many layers does that logic board have?
+[* black] At first glance, we're surprised by the large gap above the battery—older iPhones have a [|strip of logic board|new_window=true] that inhabits this space, but since that's been trimmed up, why not take up that extra space with more battery?
+ [* icon_note] At ''second'' glance, we realize that space is taken up by the display-mounted earpiece speaker, just like in the other X-series iPhones.