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[* black] The battery's a Li-ion 3.7V, 930 mAh, 3.5Wh unit.
[* black] Here's how the three major handheld gaming devices stack up in the battery department:
[* black] PSP Go: 930 mAh, unofficially user replaceable
[* black] DSi: 840 mAh, officially user replaceable
[* black] iPod touch 3rd Gen: 789 mAh, unofficially user replacable, requires difficult soldering
[* black] The PSP wins on capacity, and the DSi wins on serviceability. The touch, well, if you can't say something nice...
[* black] We lifted the "Warranty Void" sticker a bit more just to see what would happen. Notice the "VOID VOID" lettering that immediately became apparent on one of the EMI covers. That's why it's crucial to lift the sticker only enough to swap the battery.

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