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[* black] Insert Picture: loosening lugnuts first
[* black] Using a 3/4'' Socket and ratcheting wrench, loosen the lugnuts prior to jacking the car off the ground. Do not remove the lug nuts at this time.
[* icon_note] Loosening the lug nuts on the ground is easier because the tire cannot move. Loosening the lug nuts when the tire is off the ground is difficult, because the tire is free to spin.
[* black] '''I STRONGLY SUGGEST''' that we delete this particular step from the car-jacking guide. This step is visible in the oil filter guide (check it), yet it is unneeded in that guide. The present text from this step should be made into a separate step for both the brake pad and tire rotation guides.
[* black] '''Cover photo for car jack guide''': The current guide cover photo (loosening of the lugnuts) should be replaced. I suggest having a photo picturing a floor jack and jackstand sitting beside an unraised car.