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-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] To get a closer look at the full-frame image sensor, we remove the frame and layers of filters covering it.
+[* black] Curious what all of these filters do? So were we! Luckily, Nikon breaks it down for us [|quite nicely].
+[* black] With the filters off, we get a full-frontal view of the full-frame image sensor. The 35.9mm x 24.0mm sensor is a major size upgrade from the 23.6mm x 15.6mm sensor in the D7000, and accounts for a 50% increase in total effective pixels (24 million/16 million).
+[* black] Full-frame? What does that mean, you ask? Simply put, a full-frame sensor is the same size as a 35 mm (36×24 mm) film frame. A larger, full-size, sensor yields many advantages for photographers including better image quality and compatibility with full-frame wide-angle lenses.

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