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[* black] The Murata Wi-Fi SoC module actually comprises a Broadcom [|BCM4334] package in addition to an oscillator, capacitors, resistors, etc.
[* black] Apple assembles all of the components together and sends their package to Foxconn, where it eventually ends up on the iPhone's logic board. Chipworks said it best: "Murata makes a house that is full of other people's furniture."
[* black] Here are the die images for the Broadcom BCM4334, fabricated in Taiwan at [|TSMC] on a 40 nm CMOS process. Its key features:
[* red] Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n)
[* orange] Bluetooth 4.0!4.0 + HS
[* yellow] FM Receiver
[* orange] Bluetooth 4.0!4.0 + HS
[* yellow] FM Receiver