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[* black] Different tasks call for different tools. If you want to look at some [|transistor strain], or some [|gate oxide thicknesses], or even [|crystal lattice] orientation, you go for the big gun…
[* black] …the electron gun that's in the new [|TEM (transmission electron microscope)]!
[* black] TEMs get their high resolution from the small [|de Broglie wavelength] of [|electrons]. That's quantum mechanics in action!
[* black] To make a long story short, TEM works by shooting a bunch of electrons at a piece of material, then watching the way the electrons interact with that material.
[* icon_note] These are just some of the techniques and machinery that Chipworks employs to render all the fun images you see on their site. But just like a good magician, they can't reveal ''all'' their secrets. So let's take a look at what lurks inside the iPhone 5's chips.