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Alterações no passo #23

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[* black] The Lightning connector looks like it could be [|swallowed] by the the 30-pin dock connector.
[* black] Here we can clearly see the eight leads in the new Lightning connector.
[* black] While there hasn't been any official word on the pin-out for the Lightning connector, we can confidently say that two of them will be used for power and ground. As for the other six, well, that's anyone's guess.
[* black] As the lightning connector also contains an external grounded shield, the same shield can serve as the ground leaving one of the pins for power and up to seven pins for whatever.
[* black] Apple claims that the Lightning connector is all digital. However, they also claim that the iPhone 5 supports analog audio-out and VGA video, indicating that there may be some kind of digital-to-analog conversion going on inside the cable.