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Alterações no passo #13

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[* black] Next out is the front-facing (and only) camera.
[* black] As per usual, a number of folks are complaining about the lack of a rear-facing camera. We're left a little puzzled as to why this is such a deal-breaker, considering [|how funny you look] taking pictures with a tablet.
[* black] Amazon doesn't publish the resolution of this camera, and rather states that it is an "HD camera."
[* black] Assuming that the camera captures images in the Kindle Fire HD's native resolution of 1280x800 pixels, that would be a whopping 1.5 megapixels—nothing worth writing home about.
[* icon_caution] This is solely speculation, and we would have to get our hands on an image captured with the Kindle to say for sure what the camera's resolution is.