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[* black] The battery is secured by four #00 Phillips screws and one lonely T5 Torx screw.
[* black] While this single T5 Torx isn't going to keep out our prying fingers, it might be enough to sour the battery removal attempts of someone who is less well equipped. Too bad.
[* black] The Kindle Fire HD gets its spark from a 3.7 V, 4400 mAh, 16.43 Wh Li-ion battery that—as in most mobile devices—dominates most of the inner real estate.
[* black] Amazon says this Kindle will operate for 11 hours before its lights out. That is a whole four extra episodes of Family Guy than the Nexus 7 will give you, and the entire [|1934 version of Les Miserables] you wouldn't get from your non-HD Kindle Fire.
[* black] Well this is a first. The battery is enclosed within the metal casing. We believe this is for structural reinforcement, as well as for electrically shielding the battery from any possible electrical damage.