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Alterações na Nexus 5X LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement Introdução

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This Nexus 5X replacement guide will show you how to replace only the LCD screen and digitizer on your Nexus 5X mobile device—'''not the [|IF293-008-1|frame assembly].''' If your replacement part includes the plastic frame, you will need to transfer additional parts (''LED, vibration motor, ear speaker, headphone jack, power/volume buttons, and proximity sensor gaskets'') to your new frame assembly. Be sure to read through the steps and comments carefully before you begin your replacement.
If your glass screen (digitizer) is cracked, damaged, or unresponsive to touch, this guide will help you replace the damaged glass screen and restore functionality to your device.
If your display has dead pixels, displays distorted or blurry images, or fails to display anything at all, this guide will help you replace the damaged LCD.
Adhesive strength and device condition may vary; please exercise caution when removing components from your device.


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