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Alterações na iPhone 7 Plus Home/Touch ID Sensor Replacement Introdução

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Prerequisite only.
'''Only Apple can do a home button swap.''' If you do it with areplace yours using 3rd -party parts, it deactivates the button and turns on assistive touch. Therefore this procedure is only useful as part of a display assembly replacement, where the home/Touch ID sensor must be transferred from the old display to the new one.

''Follow the steps in this guide to replaceremove or transfer the home/Touch ID sensor assembly, including the gasket and cable, in your iPhone 7 Plus.''

''Note that for security reasons, the original Touch ID sensor is paired to your iPhone's logic board at the factory—so, replacing the sensor with a new one will cause the loss of fingerprint sensor functions.''

To avoid accidentally straining or tearing the display cables, it's best to completely detach the display assembly before beginning repairs on the home/Touch ID sensor. But if you are comfortable doing so, you may skip the display assembly section of this guide and go straight to the home/Touch ID sensor section.''