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Alterações na Asus Chromebook C202 Teardown Introdução

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Last week, we tore down a [|pair|new_window=true] of completely glued-together [|smartphones|new_window=true]. This week, we're ready for something designed to be repaired, not just replaced.
Early this year, Asus announced the Chromebook C202—an education-focused chromebookChromebook designed to be inexpensive, rugged, and highly serviceable. That last bit caught our eye, and when Asus offered up a test unit for our examination, we gladly accepted, eager to investigate the claim.
This device is far from the bleeding edge, so we're not expecting advancements in pixel density, computing power, or chassis weight. Instead, we're hoping to find innovations in repairability. Let's crack this open and extractharvest the fruits of design-for-repairability labor.
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