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Alterações na iPhone 6s Plus LCD and Digitizer Replacement Introdução

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Use this guide to replace a cracked or broken screen in an iPhone 6s Plus. This includes removing the front-facing camera and sensor assembly, display EMI shield, and home button assembly—all of which should be transferred to your new front panel. To replace the entire display assembly instead, follow [|this much shorter guide].
For an easier repair, use our [|fix kit|new_window=true] and follow [guide|55423|this shorter guide] to replace your iPhone’s entire display assembly.
Please note:For more advanced fixers, this guide will help you replace ''only'' the iPhone 6s Plus LCD screen + digitizer assembly (a.k.a. the bare “front panel”). This requires you to transfer several components from your original screen to the new one before installing it—including the front-facing camera, earpiece speaker, LCD shield plate, and home button assembly.

For all screen/display repairs,
it's important to transfer the original home button onto the new display in order for Touch ID (fingerprint scanning) to function.
'''You can also reference this guide to replace the following parts:'''
* Earpiece speaker mesh
* [ | LCD shield plate]
* [guide|50676|LCD shield plate|stepid=112208]
* LCD shield plate sticker