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Alterações na MacBook Pro 13" Two Thunderbolt Ports 2019 Teardown Introdução

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Apple has waved goodbye to function keys on the MacBook Pro once and for all with its refreshed 13” model for 2019. What used to be a tough choice for shoppers between a Touch Bar and function keys is now made easier thanks to just a lone, two port, Touch-Bar-touting model. Is there anything more to this refresh, though? Looks like we’ll need a teardown to find out!
The MacBook Pro line just got simpler. Or did it? The 13” model still comes in two flavors, but they’re harder to tell apart—the only clue being the number of ports. Did Apple keep the [guide|72415|entry-level model] and find room for a Touch Bar somehow, or is this new model a stripper version of the [guide|111384|existing (expensive) Touch Bar design]? Or is it something new entirely? Time to shake all the parts loose and see what falls out.
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Teardown of the 13" 2019 MacBook Pro, performed by the iFixit team. Published July 12, 2019.
Exploring how Apple's engineers wedged a Touch Bar and Touch ID hardware into the existing "Function Keys" MacBook Pro architecture, first launched in 2016.