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Alterações na iPad Mini Wi-Fi Teardown Introdução

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iPad miniMini Wi-Fi
iPad miniMini Wi-Fi Teardown
''Trick-or-Treat!'' While making our yearly October 31st rounds, we came across something interesting: a brand new iPad miniMini! All hopped up on sugar, we eagerly tore into Apple's first small tablet. Smaller than an iPad, larger than an iPod, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound: we'd heard mighty claims about the Mini. It was finally time to crack it open and take a look for ourselves.
This iPad was delivered a bit early a ways up the road from us in Berkeley. We'd like to thank [|friend-of-iFixit], the ever perspicacious [|Jeff Atwood], for helping us get our hands on it. Jeff started [|Stack Overflow], which runs a pretty neat Q&A community for [|Apple software].
Want to follow along with all the newest miniMini and mighty news? Follow us on [|Twitter], or like us on [|StalkerBook].
iPad miniMini Wi-Fi teardown, torn down on Halloween 2012.


  • Heat Gun x1 removed.
  • iFixit Opening Picks set of 6 x1 removed.
  • iOpener x1 removed.
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver x1 removed.
  • Plastic Cards x1 removed.
  • iFixit Opening Tool x1 removed.
  • Spudger x1 removed.
  • Tweezers x1 removed.