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ZaggSparq 2.0 Disassembly/Repair

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    • Inspect the unit carefully, looking for a small gap in the seam just underneath the charging prongs. Using your heat gun, carefully heat the seam, insert your flathead screwdriver into the gap and gently twist until the glue separates. Continue to separate the case by sliding the screwdriver along the seam and twisting gently.

    • Gently lift one side of the case straight away after you have all the edges separated. The charging prongs are held in by a screw, and the button in front is attached to one half of the case, so be careful.

    • Using a light source and a magnifying glass, carefully inspect the solder joints on the rear of the board (the side with small surface mounted components), particularly the 4 pins where the USB ports enter the board. On my unit, a few surface mount resistors and ground connections also had some poor joints.

    • I used a small chisel tip set to 750 degrees F, but you must be extremely careful not to hold the iron a component for too long at this temperature. If you're not experienced with this kind of work, set it down to 450-500 and be patient. I've done this type of work regularly for several years and wanted to move quickly.

    • Add a bit of flux to the joints to be reflowed and apply heat. I found that I needed to add some additional solder in a few places.

    • After allowing the repaired solder joints to cool, test the port in question. If you're fortunate, it will function and you can clean the board and begin to reassemble. I used 93% isopropyl alcohol and an old toothbrush to clean any excess flux off.

    • Using an adhesive suitable for plastics, carefully apply the tiniest amount possible onto the "male" side of the seam. You will see a groove in the opposite side. Carefully press the halves together and clamp until the glue has set. Clean of any excess adhesive and enjoy!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I must be a moron I cant get it out of the case worrying about breaking it  I got the side off.  no instructions how to remove it for the other side of the case.  I think I have a bad battery it doesn't hold a charge very long.  Do you carry batteries for these?  thanks

kjack - Responder

That’s sort of the catch-22 of taking stuff apart and repairing things. You’ve got to do enough of it, and break some things, in order to figure out how to get these types of things apart without breaking them.

I don’t carry replacement batteries, or sell anything of the sort, but I’ve seen lots of LiPoly packs in various shapes and sizes for sale on ebay. I’ve had a lot of success ordering parts like that.

JeffroDH -

One of my charging prongs broke off. Is it possible to repair this?

Diane - Responder

That would be fairly difficult…. what I might do instead is remove the prong assembly and solder a short appliance cord to the board where the prong assembly wires go. Most of the short cable could then be tucked into the box and your device could keep working.

That’s a tough one. If you were able to remove the prong pieces from the assembly and had a friend that was gifted with a TIG welder…

JeffroDH -

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