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  1. Xbox One Elite Controller (Model 1698) Thumbstick Replacement, Thumbsticks: passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • Remove each thumbstick by grabbing the knob and pulling up on it


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Cara Steinke

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5 comentários

What kind of bullshit guide is this? ONE STEP???

anastacis - Responder

Anyone else come here because of a broken thumb sick. It's like hey we know how to swap the attachments how about some info on how to fix it when it breaks ?

Maddison - Responder

This isn’t the controller manual, it’s supposed to be a replacement guide. Is it not obvious that people that come here are looking to actually replace the thumbstick? Did the author just get bored?

Oli Laban - Responder

I think the original author forgot to include the other 9 or so steps lmao

SWC - Responder

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