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The infrared camera and dot projector as the main parts of Face ID system are tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone X.

The flood illuminator works with the Face ID system and is tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone X, so it failed after replacing.

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Any one need iPhone X repair parts can visit my profile.

Mandy - Responder

Which spare part should i buy from u to fix the face id problem?

the front camera works well

mgzwewaiyan -

Can you fix a iphone x where the front cameras works perfectly but the face id doesn't work. The iphone x had water damage but got that cleaned and fixed

Danny Ling - Responder

Hi Danny, we etradesupply don’t repair cellphone, we sell phone repair parts. There are many reasons lead to the iPhone X Face ID not work, the dot projector, the sensor flex cable ..etc Did you replaced any parts of the phone when fixing it?

Mandy -

No there were no parts changed they only cleaned the phone. All other options are working with the front camera but faceid doesn’t even start up

Danny Ling - Responder

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