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Video: Slider Replacement vs Full Zipper Replacement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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5 comentários

So, what’s the fix for a full zipper replacement? Do you have a DIY video on that?

jvolem - Responder

I searched and did not find one either. I’m planning to create my own DIY video soon.

Donna Del Bello -

I mailed in a jacket for a full zipper repair on a 10 year old Nano Puff and I thought the price was pretty reasonable ($15 for a brand new zipper plus I had a couple patches sewed on).

Glen Beane -

How about having your local seamstress do a full zipper repair. Bad or good idea?

Kip stone - Responder

I have successfully determined from watching your vimeo video “Slider Replacement vs Full Zipper Replacement” that I need to replace the slider. I am really encouraged that Patagonia supports DIY repairs and goes the extra mile by creating these videos. I am sure that there are global environmental reasons for extended life for old jackets, and I am heartedly in agreement with such causes. It is also important to me that I can keep my old friend this coat alive and not have to find the money to buy a new shiny replacement. Now I will try to find the new slider video…

nick strauss - Responder

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