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A detailed guide on how to use a continuity tester to check for adequate electrical connection on a power cord.



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  1. Testing Power Cord Continuity, Testing Power Cord Continuity: step 1, image 1 of 2 Testing Power Cord Continuity, Testing Power Cord Continuity: step 1, image 2 of 2
    • Unplug the power cord from the game console and from the AC outlet. Failure to do so can result in electrical shock or death.

    • Set the multimeter to continuity test mode.

    • The setting is symbolized by a diode or sound wave symbol as seen in the pictures. If the meter is set to the correct mode, you should hear the meter beep when the leads are touched together.

    • Verify that the positive lead is plugged to the voltmeter/ ohmmeter outlet.

  2. Testing Power Cord Continuity: step 2, image 1 of 1
    • Test for a potential open circuit by using one multimeter lead to touch one of the prongs on the AC side of power cord. Use the other lead to touch one end of the console side of the power cord.

    • If there is an adequate electrical connection, the multimeter will beep. If it does not beep the first time, try using the lead to touch the other prong.

    • Repeat the above directions in step 2 for the other outlet and prong of the power cord.

    • If the multimeter fails to beep on any of the occasions outlined above, your power cord is open. In other words, you will need to replace the power cable.

    Est-il possible de brancher sur une autre prise alimentée pour savoir si cordon et appareil sont non défectueux ??? Sans danger; faire sauter fusibles etc. Merci.

    maddy lode - Responder

  3. Testing Power Cord Continuity: step 3, image 1 of 1
    • Once you have verified that the power cord provides an adequate electrical connection, you will have to test that the cable is not shorted.

    • Test for a potential short circuit by touching each prong on the AC side of the power cord.

    • If the multimeter beeps, your power cord is bad and must be replaced immediately.

    • If your power cord is shorted, do not attempt to replug the cord into the AC outlet.

    • If your power cord has passed all of the steps above, then you have successfully tested that your power cord is in working order.

    is there a guide like this very useful one but to test the surface power cords ?

    david burchall - Responder

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Great Article,you can use a little bubble to let electric current light the bubble,make sure use the correct voltage of ,Example ,if you are in Europe,then you need to use 220V Europe power cord to test.

huaiancg - Responder

Thank you very much.

Kaky Jerry - Responder

Wow Wow Just a Great Guide, Now I have learned one more skill :)

Muhammad Imran - Responder

Brilliant love it

Liam Breen - Responder

Worked like a charm I feelik an electrician

hadpaulkh - Responder

I found this really wonderful and useful with details explained very well. I was always wondering what the electricians do with a multimeter. Now iI would buy one multimeter and do this on my own. Great and cool guide. Write more guides for other tests and verification.

Avinash S - Responder

great job i love

fcradiony - Responder

Superb...thanks a lot!!

chella narayanan - Responder

Thank you….. very useful

raj.bm13 - Responder

Great guide very helpfull.

Anthony - Responder

Now I know how to test a power cord.

How do I test a switch?

Frank Lawrence - Responder

Can you do a continuity test on the Xbox One Original CONSOLE ?

Anas Faisal - Responder

An electrician respond your call within an hour in dubai . so they have guideline to do electrical work with safety. <a href=">electrician in dubai</a> they have tools of testing power all time with them . they resolve issue with that.

rene moris - Responder

if one side of an extension lead is permently connected to electricity and it's unreachable, is it ok to test it from one side only?

reoc z - Responder

can i check an extension cord from one side?

does it should the electricity switched off, even if i’m using a proper testing machine?

reoc z - Responder

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