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    • Heat up along the edges of the cover to soften the glue.

    • Ideal temperature is around 120 - 150 °C for 60 seconds.

    Alternatively, use a heat pack to soften the internal glue/adhesive holding the screen.

    In any case, make sure the glue/adhesive comes off nicely, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time cleaning off glue residues before putting the new adhesive on.

    axel - Responder

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    • Place a suction cup on the back cover and pull to open a gap.

    • Insert a guitar pick into the gap and slide it around the corner of the back cover to cut the adhesive sticker.

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    • Finally, remove the back cover.

    • Be careful, the back cover is fragile and can break.

    • It can be a good idea to wear protective glasses. If the glass shatters, it could enter your eye.

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I think this guide shows how to open a phone that's already been opened. I have seen another that showed all the glue between the battery and the back cover that can take a lot of effort to remove, plus once done then (if it was before) it will not longer be waterproof.

Paul - Responder

I replaced battery cover and I heat up new one. It looks like it become waterproof again.

Vladimir Gorshunov -

It will no longer be waterproof, unless you are using the exact same quality and amount of adhesive as the original one, and you press the back glass to the phone as hard as it was before.

If not, then it is hardly waterproof.

Thingalong - Responder

I used a domestic hair dryer for about 2 minutes to heat the back of the phone which softened the glue enough for the rear panel to be removed. A layer of glue remained around the frame. The replacement part also had a gummed edge and stuck quite firmly without needing any pressure.

I reheated the rear to soften the new glue and then held the phone in two small clamps gently but firmly until the phone had cooled (overnight as it was convenient).

The phone is waterproof.

IanW - Responder

Do not forget to clean the phone (remove the rest of the glue sticking on the phone). It will fit better with no old glue.

duesseldorfhahn - Responder

Instead of heating up with a blow dryer to soften the glue I recommend one of these gel (ice) packs. Boil the pack for a couple of minutes, take it out, wait until it's dry and cover the phone with it upside down and remove it with the suction cup as shown. That way you can be sure that the temperature won't be higher than 100 C and causing any damages to your precious little device.

bernhardkeim - Responder

And the heat will be applied more evenly. This is a good idea!

axel -

You could also use an iOpener instead, an easy to use gel pack, designed for opening devices.

Theo Mat -

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