This guide will lead you through the steps necessary to replace your loud speaker if it is not functioning properly.

  1. Turn hair dryer to medium heat.
    • Turn hair dryer to medium heat.

    • Slowly move the hair dryer along the seams on the back of the phone. Keep the dryer a few inches away from the case.

    • Circulate the dryer for a full minute to soften the adhesive binding the phone together.

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  2. Once the adhesive is loosened, stick the suction cup to the top-center of the back of your phone and gently pull back.
    • Once the adhesive is loosened, stick the suction cup to the top-center of the back of your phone and gently pull back.

    • Gently pull back just enough to create a small gap.

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    • Once you've opened a small space with the back cover, stick the plastic opening tool into the seam of the phone.

    • Move the tool along the seam to loosen the adhesive.

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    • Caution: Pulling too vigorously or quickly on the suction cup could snap the back of the phone.

    • Once the adhesive has been adequately loosened, pull back slowly on the suction cup to remove the back panel of the phone.

    • The remaining adhesive should be strong enough to hold the phone together tightly upon reassembly. However, once opened the water resistance of your phone has been compromised.

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    • Now that the back is removed, the battery is visible. You now have access to the battery and its connecting components.

    • With the plastic opening tool, gently remove the connector from the motherboard.

    • Use your fingers to peel the rest of the adhesive away from the phone.

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    • With the plastic opening tool, carefully peel the white adhesive tape up from the bottom of the battery.

    • Use your fingers to peel back the rest of the adhesive tape away from the battery.

    I found this white adhesive tape just wrapped around the battery, so didn’t need to be removed

    sarah - Responder

    • Slide the spudger firmly along the right side of the battery, loosening the adhesive between the casing and battery.

    • Flex cables run vertically down the phone underneath the battery and can be damaged easily. Make sure to only place the spudger in the indicated area.

    • Insert the spudger in the bottom-center to further loosen the adhesive. Carefully separate the battery from the phone by sliding the spudger vertically underneath the battery and prying up. This may take some time and work as the adhesive is very strong.

    it would be better to show in overlay red the two vertical cables that should not be touched; i damaged by 1 mm at the bottom one of the cable and the display is no longer working, even if can hear touch feedbacks and sound and now if if it charges well :o((

    cagnes06 - Responder

    if you do what is shown on the picture at step 7 (i did) you can still damage the cable right, because it deviates at the bottom towards the left !

    cagnes06 - Responder

    Why not start the instructions by saying "This battery replacement operation is too difficult unless you are highly experienced. You are very likely to damage the phone beyond repair. Sony prefer you to buy a new phone every 2 years when the battery fails"

    Roy Banks - Responder

    I agree that it would be better to overlay red the two vertical cables. Other than that, this step is rather time consuming, than complicated. Obviously you should be attentive to not damage the cables, but if you put moderate force during 3-4 minutes, the battery will finally separate from the case.

    Wondering if it’s safe to use hair dryer at this step.

    strixaluco - Responder

    • The grey spacer is located in the bottom right corner of your phone, next to the vibrate motor.

    • Remove the grey spacer by gently prying it up from the right side with the spudger.

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    • Disconnect the vibrate motor flux cable by using the spudger to gently pop it up.

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    • Remove the single 3 mm screw, set next to the vibrate motor, using a Philips #000 screw driver.

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    • Use the spudger to firmly pry up the plastic housing holding the vibrate motor and loud speaker.

    • Be careful not to pull the plastic housing out right away. The antenna circuit board is still connected to the main body and the antenna could be damaged if pulled on.

    • Start on the left and slowly move to the right prying up the adhesive and clips holding the plastic unit down.

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    • Once the plastic housing has been removed from the main phone body flip it over to expose the antenna circuit board.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to remove the antenna circuit board from the plastic housing. This component is held in place with plastic clips and not adhesive.

    • Simply place the safe open pry tool next to the indicated clip and press on it lightly. The antenna board should pop free.

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    • You now have access to the loud speaker. The loud speaker is the large square metallic object.

    • To remove the loudspeaker, use the wedge end of the plastic opening tool.

    • Place it underneath the top of the loud speaker and gently pry up to loosen the adhesive underneath.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great guide just one thing you do not need to remove the battery to change de speeker, i had a hard time loosing it up and i decided to do the process without touching the battery with no problem.

ale - Responder

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