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Is your Sony Xperia X Battery drain out quickly? Or is the USB Board can work normally but the Battery just can't be charged? This video will show you how to fix the damaged Sony Xperia X Battery.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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From my experience with Sony Xperia Z2 you do not need any adhesive on the new battery,it stays in place by the other components.

Claes - Responder

You dont need new adhesive for the new battery just as Claes said. The battery adhesive tab broke on me so I had to scrape the battery and the adhesive apart. Its soo much pain and risk puncturing the old battery. You can also try reusing the old back cover adhesive. If you dont remove the old back cover adhesive then you’ll stack the old adhesive and the new one so the back cover doesnt sit flush anymore. Which isnt really a problem.

afiqz97 - Responder

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