Proving once again that thin and light can still be repairable when thoughtfully designed, the Series 9 15" scores a near-perfect 9 out of 10.

  1. Reference shots.
    • Reference shots.

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  2. Opening procedure is piece of cake. Remove 10 Phillips screws and lift the rear panel off.
    • Opening procedure is piece of cake. Remove 10 Phillips screws and lift the rear panel off.

      • It's clipped in along the back edge but not very strongly.

    • Internal view.

    • This is seriously cool. From here we can remove: SSD, RAM, battery, right speaker, display assembly, wireless card, (modular!) headphone jack and thermal assembly.

      • That's pretty much everything you'd ever want to tinker with in a laptop. The only commonly-replaced components we can't reach is the keyboard, trackpad, and motherboard.

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    • To keep things uniform, we're starting with the battery.

    • It's held in with seven Phillips screws and comes out in a flash.

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    • We then start picking parts off the motherboard and the peripheries.

    • Along the way, we discover room for not one, but two RAM modules.

      • That addition, along with the standard, removable SSD means this laptop is super upgradable.

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    • We could remove the motherboard at this point, but pause to take a look at this trackpad.

    • Seemingly held in place with just five screws, but we remove them and it won't budge.

    • Then we peel off this pair of taped-in brackets, pry from the top bracket, and successfully remove the trackpad assembly.

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    • Next up is the fan. It's secured with two screws.

    • And the daughterboard. After unscrewing three Phillips screws it will not budge, so we had to break up the adhesive holding it in.

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    • Motherboard removal. Pretty straightforward as long as you remember to clear the standoff pins on the far right edge.

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    • Finally we remove three screws from each of the display hinges and the display assembly is free.

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    • The Samsung Series 9 15" earns a 9 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

      • All screws are Phillips screws.

      • RAM, SSD, and battery are all easily replaced.

      • Relatively flat, modular design means that most components can be replaced quickly without having to remove other obstructions.

      • A moderate amount of adhesive on the I/O board and trackpad brackets complicates some reassembly procedures.

      • Manufacturer does not provide user-accessible repair documentation.

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how would one repair water vapor trapper in between the touch panel glass?

cooperbeaman - Responder

Sadly when you pulled back the bezel you missed that it’s not a separate LCD but part of the top cover those screws at the bottom just hold a panel in place at the bottom.

Good guide otherwise.

Gaspard Leon - Responder

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